Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inspiration behind track choice

The song we chose to use in our music video was a track by Jessie J entitled Casualty of Love. Jessie J is a very popular and upcoming artist, this would be the main reason for our choice. Her style is very unique in fashion and music, she was discovered on youtube which is where we originally found her. 

We debated upon a few songs we could use, we wanted to pick a song with the right amount of emotion to successfully portray a narrative. Other songs we were considering using were 'Big White Room', 'Who's Laughing Now' and 'Mamma Knows Best'. In the end we decided on using 'Casualty of Love' it had enough emotion and lyrical influence to think of ideas for a narrative. The flow and tempo of the song seemed very effective to edit to. Some of our original narrative ideas related into the title of the song, we considered using an ambulance and possible a death in the video, however this proved to be tricker than we expected because of losing the element of realism we wanted. 

Looking back Im not particularly happy with the choice of the track, i personally would of chosen something more up beat and fun, the narrative we created would necessarily appeal to me but the none the less i feel its a very effective narrative in itself. 

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