Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Creating Artists Website/Fan Page

I wanted to make my artists website through a social networking site so I made a choice between Facebook and Myspace. I made this choice due to the fact I feel Facebook is more respected in the world today. 

Creating the page was fairly simple I uploaded my artists picture and entered information about my artists into the personal and biographical section. After this information was secured into the page, the option is given to promote your artist and inviting people to the page is an option. 

Ashh Fan Page

Thursday, 28 April 2011

About Me

My name is Sam Gendler, I'm 18 years old and I live in Loughton. I am a sixth form student at West Hatch High School. I study English Language, Media and Drama. I really enjoy media as a subject, I think that media affects the world in many ways, I also have a passion for music, this latest project gave me a lot of enjoyment due to the content I was able to research. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Original Story Board

This is our original story board. We haven't truly stuck to the original plan with the actual final video coming out a bit differed compared to the original plan. 
Still the basic idea of the actual narrative came through successfully. We knew that when drawing this up some aspects would have to be changed due to timing or location.

Album Back Cover Design- Ash

This the back cover to Angels Should Hide, my artists album. I decided to go for a very simple layout i feel its most suited to the front sleeve. I added a bar code to stick to normal conventions. I used the same font used on the front cover, but a slightly different colour scheme on the back.

Album Front Cover Design Ash

The album is entitled Angels Should Hide, I have completed this as my final design for my artists album cover. I used an acrostic for the lettering on the album, Ash being the name of the band, being the beginning letters of the words, the name of the album. I made the artist name and the album name different colours so it is easier to depict.

Inspiration behind track choice

The song we chose to use in our music video was a track by Jessie J entitled Casualty of Love. Jessie J is a very popular and upcoming artist, this would be the main reason for our choice. Her style is very unique in fashion and music, she was discovered on youtube which is where we originally found her. 

We debated upon a few songs we could use, we wanted to pick a song with the right amount of emotion to successfully portray a narrative. Other songs we were considering using were 'Big White Room', 'Who's Laughing Now' and 'Mamma Knows Best'. In the end we decided on using 'Casualty of Love' it had enough emotion and lyrical influence to think of ideas for a narrative. The flow and tempo of the song seemed very effective to edit to. Some of our original narrative ideas related into the title of the song, we considered using an ambulance and possible a death in the video, however this proved to be tricker than we expected because of losing the element of realism we wanted. 

Looking back Im not particularly happy with the choice of the track, i personally would of chosen something more up beat and fun, the narrative we created would necessarily appeal to me but the none the less i feel its a very effective narrative in itself. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Album Artwork Analysis - The Strokes - Angles

This is The Strokes album Angles it was released March 22nd 2011. This is The Strokes fourth studio album.
Immediately as an audience you are drawn to this album cover. The bright colours and patterns engage you to notice the album cover. The actual picture seems to be an optical illusion, which if you are a fan of the band you would notice seems to be theme to the bands album covers. Previous albums have also included similar ideas with optical illusions. 

The album is entitled angles and actually looking at the picture it is visible to see it is at an angle, leaning towards you. The cuboid structure in the is made into 3D which cohesively fits with the checkered optically illusive floor. The structure in the centre is also stands out once more with its florescent use of gradients of tone the pink, purple and blue used is really effective colour scheme.

Overall I think the album is extremely effective, in actual fact its doing all an album should, draw the audience in with its artwork, in some cases people might just buy the album because it looks interesting. The album ticks lots of creative boxes whilst still keeping within the normal conventions of an album cover with displaying the band name and title of the album clearly on the front.