Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Album Artwork Analysis - The Strokes - Angles

This is The Strokes album Angles it was released March 22nd 2011. This is The Strokes fourth studio album.
Immediately as an audience you are drawn to this album cover. The bright colours and patterns engage you to notice the album cover. The actual picture seems to be an optical illusion, which if you are a fan of the band you would notice seems to be theme to the bands album covers. Previous albums have also included similar ideas with optical illusions. 

The album is entitled angles and actually looking at the picture it is visible to see it is at an angle, leaning towards you. The cuboid structure in the is made into 3D which cohesively fits with the checkered optically illusive floor. The structure in the centre is also stands out once more with its florescent use of gradients of tone the pink, purple and blue used is really effective colour scheme.

Overall I think the album is extremely effective, in actual fact its doing all an album should, draw the audience in with its artwork, in some cases people might just buy the album because it looks interesting. The album ticks lots of creative boxes whilst still keeping within the normal conventions of an album cover with displaying the band name and title of the album clearly on the front.

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