Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation of the first day of filming.

After finally getting a date to film when we were all available including the actress, we began filming. I think its fair to say we would of had liked to get more shots than we did but the shots we did get came out really well. We managed to get successful shots of the forest, park and the cafe, we have more to get but we found ourselves experimenting with shots while we were filming, rather than what we had previously planned. I think actually filming, changes the shots you envisioned on a story board, and you look at actually filming the shots in a different perspective. 

More ideas were being thought of when we shot on location, however this wasn't the ideal location we thought about shooting at but none the less I think its really effective now.

As a group we worked well all pitching in with different ideas, actually filming and taking pictures of us working, also actually directing the video. 

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