Thursday, 3 February 2011

Our Group Lip Sync Video - Beyonce/Halo

This is our groups first lip sync video, in practice for our actual video to come. I think it was very effective doing this, as a group we learnt a few things.
I benefited from this personally by getting to grips with editing, I think I got the hang of it quite quickly and managed to help my other group members into understanding it. This now means when it comes to editing the actual video we shouldn't have too much trouble. 

Overall I think the video was pretty successful for a first attempt, I look forward to making the actual video. 

Music Video Analysis - Rhianna/Only Girl In The World

I have decided to analyse this video as it is similar to our groups chosen song for out own video to be made, Jessie J Casualty of Love. Jessie J being a new artist, i found it slightly more difficult to find an artist that follows the same themes.

The video begins with a mid-shot of Rhianna in a windy field, all we can hear is the sound of the wind and no music which is normally a convention of a narrative video. However this video does not display a narrative. The first few shots reveal a beautiful colour scheme, a soft pink with a mixture of other colours creating a psychedelic effect to the video. Rhianna's costume also backs this up also with her loose 70's styled hippee dress and headband.

This follows onto the use of a series of mid-shots, quick edits in sync with certain layers of the song. The first few edits sync with the drum beats, as the video progresses their some edits in sync with the synths used in the track. There are many effective edits in the video which all break the narrative, they make the audience aware that they are watching a music video.

The video itself is fairly minimalist, never exceeding three main settings. The colour scheme stays the same throughout but is very effective. 

Further more discussing edits, many effects are used throughout the video. There is a moment where flower petals are rising up in front of Rhianna in a reverse falling motion, which clearly it has been edited in reverse, I feel this type of shot would be deemed post modern. One edit speeds up, fast forwarding the action on screen. Another effective edit is where Rhianna jumps like a video has got stuck and then back into normal playtime, this also syncs into the music. A use of zooming and defocusing are noticeable as well. Finally more edits at the end are reversed when the fireworks explode in reverse.